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MikroTik new product announcements – October 2011

Live here at Las Vegas, Normis has just finished announcing the new products; some new and exciting info about the RB2011 as well as more details on known models.



– Low cost series
– Rackmount or Desktop
– 5xGigabit, 5x100Mbit
– SFP/USB/WiFi models
– Available December

Model Table

Type Board Board Desktop Board
SFP + + +
USB + +
Wireless +
Serial + +
LCD + +
New product descriptor lettering:
RM – 1U Rackmount models
IN – Indoor/Desktop models
For example RB2011-US-2HnD-IN (Red labeled box up the top) or this RB2011L-RM
Currently 7 variants planned to release gradually from December to February

Greg has some more details on other offerings (SXT 6 Pack, RB751, RB1100AH, Groove 2.4) over on his post here.

Las Vegas

Roller coasters – check
Indoor Sky-Diving – check
Meeting new faces at MUM – check
Acquired MTCWE certification – check

I hear rumor that some new products will be announced tomorrow morning along with some new revisions to the RB2011 (not yet released).

Attended the load-balancing workshop this morning which both confirmed my ideas about how PCC should be used but also went into detail on a few new concepts such as, using the MPLS Traffic Engineering features for bandwidth based load balancing over multiple links. As usual these slides + video will be available on when the MikroTik guys get back home.